Green spaces for everyone?!


The project “Green spaces for everyone” is about an imaginary walk through two green areas in my neighbourhood, in Berlin-Schöneberg. It’s a personal, critical social-ecological view on this topic, trying to educate towards sensitivity for injustice and how to possibly overcome it by giving examples, ideas and pointing out what’s done well and what’s left to do and to overcome.

By coming up with criteria of indicators of environmental justice in those green spaces, the project focusses on a reflective, critical view on the provision, management, and perception of these particular spaces. Additionally, it reaches beyond that and comes up with propositions for a just & sustainable park management in Berlin, Schöneberg, as well as for ideas of environmental justice practice in general.

The project further illustrates how environmental education and inclusiveness can be connected and done well by giving the example of the Naturpark Schöneberger Südgelände.

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